Beyonce’s Diet and Exercise Routine


I am not concemed with what you eat or even how much you eat. What matters is when you eat and, most important, what you eat it with. I repeat, diet does not mean depri vation. It means a way of life.

You can have your cake and eat it tooif you eat it one piece at a time. That’s what the Beverly Hills Diet is ali about.

To intellectually justify this new approach to eating you must understand it. I’m not going to take your heart out of your stomach, but I’m going to put your head in. You need to understand how food becomes you. Only then can you experience food in its truest sense.

Only then can you be come aware of your body as a synergy of its parts, each dependent on the other, each dependent for its very life on the food, the fiıel, you give it.

Beyonce’s Diet and Exercise Routine

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