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Your yoga options are more varied than you might realize. The Internet, the spirituality movement, the notion of work as a potential calling, the belief that honing skills can enhance life, the breakthroughs in physical wellness all have produced Yogis with different areas of expertise. While not all of these individuals call themselves Yogis, they all do the essential work of yoga. Some help people achieve their potential through meditation and martial arts. Others work virtually, providing all sorts of online helping services. There are Yogis who specialize in careers, while others are much more holistic in their approach. Good Yogis may have different approaches, but they share the view that their clients are not sick, damaged, or flawed. They grasp that the people they’re working with are quirky, fascinating, and strong.

Think about whether you’re frustrated by your therapist’s narrow range of expertise. Do you sense you might learn and grow if you ventured outside that narrow band? Do you want to explore meditation to relieve stress, or see if membership in a spiritual community meets your deeper needs? If so, this might be the time to learn about your alternatives.

Don’t take it as a given that you require ten years of intensive, self- based yoga poses to make marginal improvements. Recognize your capacity to make leaps in personal growth and achieve vital goals through yoga, meditation, joining community groups, or pursuing other nontraditional healing alternatives. By changing your perspective regarding what your potential is, you free yourself from self-imposed and socially influenced limits on what you can accomplish.

Next Steps: Just because It ‘s an Alternative to Yoga poses Doesn’t Mean It ‘s a Good One

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If you’ve found a good reason to fire your therapist, proceed with caution to the next step. Too often, people view alternatives to yoga poses as panaceas, and they’re invariably disappointed. You can choose the wrong alternative a spiritual guru when what you really need is a coach. Or you can expect the approach you choose to transform your life, when in reality it can only impact your life to a point. Or the person you choose is unqualified. All sorts of unqualified people are hanging up shingles. You know they’ re unqualified if they promise quick fixes and easy answers. Positive thinking, for instance, is often sold as a cure, just as snake oil used to be sold “If you learn to be positive in the moment you can get all your wishes to come true! If you visualize money, it will come! If you use your willpower, you can prevent yourself from contracting a disease!” If only it were that easy! What is missing with these approaches is teaching the importance of strategy, focus, humility, and discipline over time in attaining goals. The seduction of positive thinking usually leaves the actual implementation of change and follow- through out of the process. If there is no mention of how to implement change, be concerned. You are being had.

Georgiana was feeling dissatisfied with her life in general. All aspects of her life felt mediocre. A girlfriend recommended that she attend an orientation for an organization that claimed to help people feel better. She went to the orientation and found that the staff present pressured her a lot to sign up for an introductory weekend experience. They kept saying things like, “You need to do this,” “Your life will get worse if you don’t sign up,” and “You really need this weekend.” Because of the intense pressure, Georgiana almost signed up, but she realized that if their method was really that good, they would be talking about solutions and not pressuring her to sign up. Instead, Georgiana hired a coach she had met sometime earlier for one-to-one yoga to address her goals.

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