Blake Lively Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Probably one of the most difficult things to give up will be the milk in your coffee or tea, especially the coffee you have at the offıce, since it’s usually so terrible. Remember it’s just a habitone you can easily let go of. Try adding some cinnamon for flavor. If yours is one of the offices that has converted from real milk to nondairy creamer, just read the label and that should make it even easier. You really don’t want to put ali that junk in your body, do you?

CHEESE It takes ten pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese. Put another way, from one quart of milk you get a small handful of cheese.

If milk is tough, if not impossible, to digest, think what cheese does to your poor stomach without that moisture to ease its course. The harder the cheese, the harder it is to digest. Because it has virtually no moisture, it has to steal moisture from your body. Just like other proteins, only more so. And it suppresses hydrochloric acid, the enzyme necessary to digest fat. So the very enzyme cheese needs more than any other, because of its high fat content, is slowed down.

Another negative: cheese is heavily loaded with salt. If you ever tasted saltless cheese you’d understand why. It’s like eating a gum eraser. In addition, most cheeses are loaded with preservatives, stabilizers, and artificial color ing.

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