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“We felt like they had our back and that they were going to be there no matter how long it took us to get back over there. Everybody told us the UK and Europe would be that way. That they would be very devoted and would always come back for you, and so we felt that all along. 1 feel like we will travel to the UK as long as we live. As long as we’re making music we’ll be coming over there because people are just so nice and we feel so appreciated there.’

While Laura now admits she would ‘go crazy” if she was confined to an office job, she is quick to point out life on the road hasn’t been easy.

‘I think when you’re not in the industry it seems so glamorous and all good, Blonde hairstyles and cuts and it is that way most of the time, but it can get very tricky and very frustrating. Being on the road is really wonderful, and travelling is an amazing opportunity, and you learn so much, but we’re so deeply connected to our family… so it’s been challenging to learn how to be away from home and not let it get to you.

‘There are lean times and then there are times when the money is good and then there are times when you’re exhausted because you can’t get any sleep because you’re so busy, and it’s all worth it and you do it because you love the process and you love that moment when you get on stage and nothing else matters because there’s that magical connection between us and the people who are there to hear us…but it’s a little harder than we expected.’

As their CV evolves to include a top line-up of musicians, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago The Secret Sisters’ joint performances were limited to singing at home, and in church.

‘We’ve grown up so much; we’ve learnt so many things about the world, travelled to places we never would have seen, so we’ve grown so much as people. We’ve really gained a lot of confidence, I feel like our voices have gotten a lot stronger and our harmonies have gotten more complex and tighter than they ever have been before.

‘I can’t overstate how much we feel like we’ve evolved as people and artists, and I think we finally have a true grasp of our identity…it’s nice to feel confident about being a woman and making a career out of the music we’re so proud of. It’s been a whirlwind and it’s been hard, truth be told, but it’s been worth it.’

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