Bonnet Style Hair Dryer 

How often do you trim the ends of your hair?

Every 6 months. If you are transitioning you may want to consider having a trim every 2 months or so until all of the chemically processed hair is removed. The hair at the tip is the oldest hair on your head and so the strands can split or appear thin and straggly.

Bonnet Style Hair Dryer 

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Trimming the ends of the hair removes the hair that is old and limp which can improve the overall healthy appearance of your hair.

Should I brush/comb my natural hair when it is dry?

If you are going for a dry, ‘poofy’ look then it is okay to brush/comb your hair when it is dry, however natural hair is more fragile and should be handled very carefully. Natural hair should always be detangled when it is soaking wet.

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