Bottega Veneta Handbags

This summer Bruce Oldfield is appealingto the masses. After 30 vears of couture, he is set to iaunch ready to wear. The 40 piece collection includes jean style jackets in heavy linen, softly tailored trench coats and razor
sharp pencil skirts. There’s even a line of eveningvvear, including Oldfield’s signature jersey dresses and full skirted taffeta gowns with swoopinghemlines. Unlike couture pieces, for which you have to wait weeks, these items allow for instant satisfaction.

it seems fitting that Bottega Veneta should open its biggest lagship store in Nevv York, the city that inspired its winter collection.

The storey townhouse on Fifth Avenue is home to the complete collection: ready to vvear, handbags. eyevvear, jevvellery, shoes and luggage. There’s even a room dedicated to custom made and personalised special order leather goods. To ceiebrate the opening.

Creative director Tomas Maier has designed a small line of limited edition bags, ali inspired by NYC. For information, cali 020 7838 9394..

Bottega Veneta Handbags

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