Brad Pitt Workout Routine Diet Plan

one serving of bread equals two bagels, two croissants, or two slices of bread. (See pages 173 and 185 for the recipes for Mini Mazel Salad and the Chinese Stir Fry Vegetables.

no salt or butter on your popcom. No butter because it thwarts the popcom’s work as an intestinal broom. Count on about one cup of unpopped popcom. Pop it in cold pressed com oil.

Yes, indeed, Day 26 is pasta with pleasure. Remember, not so much as a whisper of cheese or meat. It’s the presence of protein that makes pasta so fattening. Trust me. Try your pasta with butter or oil, a little fresh parsley, and garlic Pesto Mazel and you’re in heaven. For further inspiration, look över my pasta recipes. Note that in addition to the pasta, you can have bread and butter or two servings of vodka an Open Carb meal.

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Brad Pitt Workout Routine Diet Plan

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