Brands of womens shoes

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Encore US

66 Billings Rd. Quincy; (617)328-1179 Encore describes itself as a quality consignment shop, and lives up to this by having the look, feel, and in many cases the merchandise of a retail boutique. Accordingly, the prices are a bit higher than some Cheapsters will want to pay; the labels, however, are top-notch, and everything is in fine condition.

On the designers rack, featuring lots of brand-new clothing (with original tags), gals may find blazers from Leslie Fay, Adolfo, and Ann Taylor for as low as $19.99. On another, a royal blue Christian Dior suit was seen for $49.99, and a pantsuit from Liz Claiborne for $34.99.

Most slacks can be had for $10, and blouses for around $8. Shorts from Guess run $5.99, and a wall of colorful dresses included a beaut from Karin Stevens for $19.99.

You’re definitely paying for the name (since no-name dresses here are just $9.99), but nowhere near as much as you could. Any items looking even a bit wom are drastically reduced in price, and after 30 days, another 20% is taken off.

Encore also features shoes, leather shoulder bags, and some jewelry, as well as two racks of children’s clothes. They’re open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 pm.

Brands of womens shoes

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