Bridal makeup artist chicago


The mascara applied to the lower crocuses is more intense than the tops. So if you are susceptible to contagion, choose not to use mascara on your lower eyelashes. But if you need to use it a little hint: wipe the rimel brush with a piece of mendel and then with the brush upright and rub it through the edges of the rimmed eyelash. Finally, take a surplus by pressing a thin, dry sponge with a slight touch of the eyelash.


You are in the workplace and a small powder suddenly escaped from sight, causing your mascara to bleed. You can remove mascara that flows by rubbing a makeup cleaner or a tonic on an earlobe. Those who do not have earbuds can take advantage of wet wipes made to clean eye makeup.


An eye pencil applied in bright tones will make tired eyes look brighter. A common method is to apply a white pencil right inside the eyelid. But this process can harden your expression. If you choose a pencil in peach and pink tones instead of white, your eyes will look more vivid and natural. But this application may show some eyes too pink too much, be careful!

FOR Thick and chubby lip pencils are softer than thin ones and will not irritate your skin. Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup
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Bridal makeup artist chicago

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