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Maverick Editor Laura Bethell speaks to Laura Bell Bundy about her new album, Bridal makeup artist chicago ANOTHER PIECE OF ME, and the new style of music she is hoping will catch on in the UK

Tell us a bit about the new album – when’s it out?

How we’re going to be releasing it is probably going to be a month at a time over six months and then the album release, which will be coming out around September, at least in the States anyway.

I think your music is quite different – you’ve got ballads and stories, but you’ve also got some really fun stuff. Is that something that you’re constantly looking at?

I think. I’ve always had that sort of creative conflict, the eternal conflict that is happening – do I want to make music for people to party to and for me to party to and that’s fun to perform live, or do I want to just completely bare my soul for my listener and also for therapeutic reason. In 2010 I released a record called ACH1N’ AND SHAKIN’ that was completely that – I couldn’t decide who I was as an artist. Was I trying to do Dusty Springfield country ballads or was I trying to do James Brown meets Dolly Parton meets Beyonce? What was I trying to do? So I split the album in half – I said people make playlists for their moods so if you’re in the mood to ache you listen to this side and if you’re in the mood to shake you listen to this side.

I think with this next record it’s a little bit more of a journey – there are mid tempos, this has a little more variety and it’s called A PIECE OF ME because it’s little pieces of me – it’s little pieces of who I am. I dance because that’s what I like to do when I go out, when I was 18 I got a fake ID to go to clubs because I wanted to dance not because I wanted to drink, so that’s that girl. And then there’s more reflective songs – I think as you get older, I think you get more reflective and I’ve included them. I don’t know if I’ll put out a record after this record that’s such a rainbow of emotions and tempos, I’ll probably put out a more specific hip-hop country danceable music. I call it CDM – country dance music -that record and then there’s that B-side acoustic, warm -having that sense of direction helps you.

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