Brigitte Nielsen Style Fashion & Looks

Brigitte Nielsen Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Brigitte Nielsen Info Chart

Style Name Gitte Nielsen
Style Birth; July 15, 1963
Style From; Rødovre, Denmark
Style Occupations; Model/Actress/Musician
Style Relationship; Married to Mattia Dessi
A-List; B-List


This is another of the stuffed dishes for which the Turks seem to have such a partiality. It is a bit tricky at first to get the knack of pulling all the flesh out of the mackerel without breaking the skin. The head and tail are not removed and you have to clean the fish as best you can through a small opening just under the head. After breaking the back bone in several places by bending it, you rock the fish backwards and forwards with your finger tips until all the flesh has been loosened from the skin and can be pulled out through the little hole under the head. The flesh is then cooked with the stuffing and repacked into the fish to form its original shape once again!

Allow one fish for each person
For the stuffing:
2 medium onions Butter for frying
2 tablespoons pine nuts
A pinch cinnamon
2 currants
Salt and pepper L,emon
Olive oil for frying
3 or 4 sprigs parsley

Sauté the finely sliced onions in about a tablespoon of butter until they are transparent. Add the cut up flesh of the fish and all the other ingredients and continue to fry gently together, stirring lightly. Allow the stuffing to cool a little before packing it carefully back into the skin of the mackerel. Roll the fish carefully in beaten egg and seasoned flour and fry them in oil until they are brown on both sides. Serve hot with lemon wedges.

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