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If you were to look at Oli Sykes’ list of New Year’s resolutions, you wouldn’t see a lot on there.
In fad, it’d just be a blank page in a notepad, because the Bring Me The Horizon frontman doesn’t see January I as the day to improve yourself-that’s the kind of graft you should put in all year round.

It’s kind of bullshit, says Oli on the subject. “If you want to change something you have to start now, or you’ll always put it off and find an excuse. If I’m going to charge something I go in hand, t straight away B Oli would have a L bright future ahead of Hf him as a motivational speaker if he didn’t already have 50,865 things on his to-do list for the coming year Finally putting out more Raised By Raptors comics – a project he’s working on every day – for starters.

Then there’s the matter ‘ of running his Drop Dead empire, his 4 daily work-outs and spending time with his wife. And if that wasn’t enough, how about enormous tour plans with Bring MeThe Horizon, which will take the band around the world and into some of the biggest venues they’ve ever seen.

Such a schedule would never be possible without almost superhuman levels of ;! self-motivation, northe success of BMTH’s 5K-rated album That’s The Spirit, which sold i 44,300 copies in its first week alone, almost triple its predecessor; 2013’s Sempiternal.

Yet the real achievement doesn’t lie in numbers – it’s the album’s bold change in direction, which saw BMTH transcend genres, and open themselves up to a whole new audience, whilst still appeasing their diehard fans. But, according to the singer; this is just the beginning…

“The exciting thing about the new album is we haven’t really spread our wings yet”‘ he says. “We’ve got stuff on the album that could open us up to people who’ve never heard the name of our band before’ and make them really take notice..

And the plans in place to take Oli Sykes from a big name within rock music, to a legit worldwide superstar in 2016? Well’ those are as different as the new tunes he’s pushing. ‘We’re just trying to do stuff we haven’t done before trying to think of new ways to get out there and just not the norm, explains the vocalist. First up: a show at London’s Royal Albert Hall. playing with a full orchestra. And after that? Well. Oli’s got his eyes on a far muddier proposition -Glastonbury festival.

“That’s something I don’t think we’d ever dreamed of saying before”‘ he says. “But, with this album, it could be right. I think that could be cool for us.”
Then there’s the very real possibility of the 2015 Reading & Leeds second headliners coming back with their name at the top of festival bills.

‘Why not!” Oli laughs, before properly considering it.”l think we’ve got a lot of work to do first, I’m confident wed put on a show that was worthy of the headline slot. but I wouldn’t want to cheat the public.
‘The thing with us is we’re always playing catch-up with whatever we get offered. I think it was a bit of a fiuke that we got to second headline [Reading & Leeds]. because there’s bands that are much bigger than us that haven’t ever gotten to that position. We’re one of very few English heavy rock bands that have managed to get up to that spot.”

What if it actually happened. though?

“It would be crazy. I couldn’t imagine how much pressure there would be to do it,” he says. “I don’t want to think about that right now (laughs)!”

Something tells us he better start. sooner rather than later.

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