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This yearshe opened the shop, where she is based five days a week As well as her own designs, she stocks work by Jade Jagger; Pippa Small, Ashley and Allegra Hicks, Pebble, Anna Bevan, Allegra Donfand Laura Wellesley among others. The great thing about owning my own shop,” says Celia, is that, because I’m a designer and I represent other designers, I can really wearwhat I like at work The key thing, I suppose, is that I’m not working in a straight office environment, so I really can afford to be myself Celia admits that there are very few constraints on what she wears to work and feels that she hasn’t had to radically adjust herstyle since the store opened,’ The two questions I ask myself on a working morning are, Is it comfortable?’and, ‘Does it put me in a good mood?”’, she says. ‘Also, unlike most jobs, I’m not stuck in one oufitforthe whole day. The shop itself is like a dressing up box, so I usually change my jewellery and accessories every couple of hours,’ ‘ Celia’s working day is also often broken up by lunch at a nearby restaurant, either with friends ora business contact. I don’t usually wearajacket, she says, but I mightwrap a pashmina around my waist forfun. Pashminas wom every which way are as close as Celia comes to a work staple, though current favourites also include an aqua skirt and pink ruffled shirt, both by Miu Miu. I bought this style of shirt in every colour;” she says, and wear one at least once a week I’ve always been oneforbuying in bulk when I find somethingthat works.

Brittany Daniel Style Fashion & Looks 2015
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Style Name Brittany Ann Daniel
Style Birth; March 17, 1976
Style From; Gainesville, FL
Style Occupations; Actress
Style Relationship; Dating Keenan Ivory Wayans

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