Brooklyn Beckham 101 2015

2 You’re incapable of throwing away clothes Before she moved in, my girlfriend asked me to ‘help1 her throw away some old clothes. This involved her holding something up, me saying, “Chuck it” and her responding with a curt, “Oh. So, that means, when I wore it last week, you hated it, but didn’t say. What else of mine do you hate, then?” I think that’s what you call a no-win situation. Her wardrobe has garments purchased two years ago that still have the label on and items from the same shop in exactly the same style but in six different colours. Then, there’s the stuff that “might come back in”, the stuff that “could be worth something some day” and, by far the most hilarious excuse of all for hoarding old tat, “If I have a daughter, she’ll need some old clothes to dress up in”.

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