But for You, That Will be the Road Not Taken

This process, which may already have begun in you, must be counteracted and put to rest. Let’s get practical and see how it’s done.

Suppose you know from your symptoms, confirmed by your GTT, that you are a reactive hypoglycemic. Suppose you know from your medical experience that you are diabetic. Suppose you are even on medication or insulin. What is the complete how to for you?

You must have gathered by now which diet will be best for you. My experience numbers 15,000 patients with documented abnormalities of the GTT (hypoglycemics and diabetics) and over 99% showed improvement ascribed to the Atkins diet.

There’s a good deal more you must know, but before I tell you about it, let me discuss a patient who went from eating the wrong foods to eating the right foods.

John Parlone, a 58 year old real estate consultant, is a good example of what the program can do for a Type II diabetic in the early stages. John had already been diagnosed before he came to see us (his fasting blood sugar was 315) and put on glipizide, an oral diabetic medication.

Treating John wasn’t difficult. Look at how across the board his improvements were! He started the Atkins diet two months before he came to the Center for a checkup, and by then, his blood pressure, which had been dangerously high for nearly a decade, had already fallen to 140 80. We eventually got it down to 116 70. In the two months before John came to the Center, he had also gotten his weight down from 225 to 204 using the low carbohydrate diet. (John is 5’8″.) In the next six months, we took it down from there to 169. John’s cholesterol was 296 when he came to the Center; in five months we took it to 251. His triglycerides were 187; they fell to 77.

As for his diabetes, it proved to be eminently controllable. By his third month on the diet, John Parlone’s blood sugar had fallen to 80, and we were able to take him off his medication.

John had been a big sweets eater with a passion for cake. He adjusted very well to his new diet and adjusted even better to the fact that his pants size had gone from a 40 to a 34. He felt better than he had in years and looked a heck of a lot better. What you see in John Parlone s results is a reflection of the fact that diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate metabolism completely bypassed by a low carbohydrate diet. You may think I chose to write about John because he improved so rapidly and so thoroughly, but in reality, he’s just a typical case.


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