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Take a moment now to think of someone you admire, someone whose accomplishments inspire you to achieve greater things yourself.

Who inspires you?

Who do you consider a hero? Perhaps it is a sports star. Or maybe a parent. Or a coach, a scout leader, a teacher, a trainer, a friend.

Perhaps you know more than one person who has inspired you, or who could inspire you. Which one could help you the most?

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What has this person done or said that has inspired and encouraged you?

If your role model is a sports champion, then perhaps you have read articles about this person or seen him or her on television. What could this person say to you, to encourage you?

Now, how would you like to have your own personal coach – to be with you whenever you desire, to help you, to advise you, to motivate you and to encourage you to do your best and exceed your goals?

Your Mental Coach can have all the characteristics of someone you know, combine the best characteristics of several people or possess characteristics you have created yourself because you feel they would be most helpful and inspiring in your Mental Coach.

Your Mental Coach will be your own creation and will do anything you ask to help you, so use your imagination to create what you want most.

This is one of the most powerful workout and fitness techniques ever devised to help you reach deep within yourself for inspiration, motivation, creative ideas and guidance.

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