Butt Exercises While Pregnant

Learn to love who you are.

When you take advantage of your natural potential, you have the greatest chance of success and happiness.

Now here are your assignments for the next 10 days.


1. Study your body. Look at it in the mirror. Study photographs of yourself that show your body in a swimsuit, for example.

How does your body compare with others’ bodies?

Do you resemble a National Football League lineman with a very large abdominal area that contains a large digestive system, like a typical endomorph?

Do you have a slender build or have trouble gaining weight or muscle tissue, like an ectomorph?

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Do you have a natural athletic build, like a well-trained athlete? Perhaps you have aspects of two, or even all three, of these body types.

Review the detailed descriptions in this Exercise and analyze your body at your level.

2. Work with your trainer or coach to develop specific training routines for the areas of your body that need work.

3. If you are learning to enter your level by practicing the countdown exercises, then practice entering your level by counting from 25 to 1 every morning, and imagine yourself developing the body you desire.

Relax, it’s good for you

Just before reaching the top of the mountain he was climbing, a mountain climber named Cliff Hanger slipped and began to fall. He managed to reach out and grab onto a shrub that was growing out of the side of the mountain. He couldn’t find a toehold and saw that the roots of the shrub were pulling out of the cliffside. Fearing that he had only a few moments before falling 1,000feet to his death, he looked up for help. Seeing no one, he cried out, “Is there anybody up there who can help me?”

A voice from the heavens answered, “Yes. I am your guardian angel. I can help you. What do you need? ”

“Get me back up on top, ” Cliff pleaded as the roots began to give way.

“Okay, ” the angel said. “I will get beneath you. Then let go, and I will catch you and place you back on top. ”

“Let go? ” Cliff thought. After a few moments of silence he called out, “Is there anybody else up there who can help me?”

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