While these examples should give confidence to the minimalist-minded runner who feels most comfortable on a moderate-mileage program, they should not be taken as evidence that any runner can realize his full potential on relatively low mileage. There are countless examples of runners who report having experienced major performance breakthroughs after taking their running volume beyond a certain thresholdsometimes a very high threshold. My former high school running rival Kevin Beck, who much later coached me for a while, built his running mileage to an average level of 140 miles per weeksomething very few subelite runners even contemplate doing. But his maximalist approach yielded personal-best times of 1:08:29 for the half marathon and 2:24:17 for the marathon significant improvements on the times he had achieved on lower mileage. Finally, it must be noted, however obvious the point, that optimal running volume varies by race distance. Collective trial and error have demonstrated that runners get better results in shorter races when they do a fairly large amount of high-intensity running, and because high-intensity running is exponentially more stressful than slower running, it limits the total volume of running that can be absorbed. While relatively few elite marathon runners run fewer than 100 miles per week, plenty of elite 5,000 m runners do. Thus, even as a volume maximalist, if you never race farther than 10K, you should take advantage of collective learning and not waste your time really pushing to maximize your running volume at the expense of high-intensity training. You may choose to run more than most 5K and 10K runners do, but you will never run your best 5Ks and 10Ks on what amounts to marathon training.



The Brazilian Butt Lift Exercise

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Butt Lift Bodyweight Workout Challenge. Beginner's Bodyweight Butt

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Butt Exercises - Personal Trainer for Glutes Workouts on the App Store

Fitness: Butt Workout | nanieybarnieylurviey

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