Cameron Diaz Short Hairstyles: The Classy Bob Haircut

Cameron Diaz Short Hairstyles: The Classy Bob Haircut Hair Diet

God’s Word is the answer. We see in later Scriptures where Jesus ate and enjoyed His food. He ate as He instructed His disciples, “such things as are set before you, ” but His priorities were right.

To lose weight you must not eat at all between meals. To maintain your weight you may have snacks from time to time. You may always have things to drink, and not only diet drinks. If you are really hungry (not bored, frustrated, or feeling guilty) a glass of juice, hot tea with sugar, or hot chocolate will curb your hunger.

It doesn’t take much to curb real hunger. It is also worth noting that real hunger pains do not last all day. They only last about thirty minutes. Try timing them the next time you fast.

It is all right to have something to drink just don’t start eating. You must break the pattern of eating. As you retrain your body, you will be hungry to start with. People who have been overeating for a long time can experience some weakness. This is not real hunger, but rather withdrawal symptoms.
It will become easier and easier, and hunger will come less and less. It will become easier to draw your attention away from food. Each time you sow to the Spirit, you have overcome the flesh (overeating) a little bit more.

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