Can men and women ever really be “just friends”?

Can men and women ever really be “just friends”?

“I talk about relationships with my female friends because, basically, they’re the only ones who’ll listen. Once when bottle of wine. I was hoping despite myself, but romance never even crossed her mind. It was torture.” Christopher, 31

Some men are capable of platonic friendship with a woman; others are secretly thinking impure thoughts. Here, 14 men take sides I was dating two women at the same time, I asked my friend Penny how she thought either of these women would feel if she found out, and Penny had a lot to say it was enlightening. If I’d asked a guy friend what he thought about dating two women at the same time, all he’d have said was, ‘CooZ.’ ”

11 my important female friendships have been based on a mutual sexual interest, but unfortunately never one we shared at the same time. It’s always six months of me lusting for her, six months of her lusting for me. back and forth, forever.” Calvin, 30

“I was attracted to my friend Mary, but she wasn’t attracted to me. I had to be careful making plans with her there was always the risk that what we did together would turn out to be too romantic. I once cooked dinner for her at my place, and we split a Erik, 31

“I’m gay, but physical attraction between me and my female friends is still a lot of what draws us together. We flirt like crazy, and while I’d never get into a full-fledged relationship with one of them, I try to keep an open mind about everything else. Being gay is a sexual preference, after all, not a rule.” Mike, 27

“A lot of my women friends have a boyfriend who lives out of town or works crazy hours. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like I’m taking them out for dinner and drinks during the week while someone else gets to sleep with them on the weekends.” Bert, 32

style-130“My best female friend is a woman I’ve known since college. We had one drunken sexual encounter, but it didn’t hurt our friendship maybe it even helped us because we got it out of the way. Now I have a female friend I don’t have to impress, and she has a guy friend who isn’t scamming on her.” Jesse, 31

“I have only one problem with my female friends: My wife hates them.” Sieve, 37

“I’ve never dated my friend Lisa because we work together, but I think we’d both be interested otherwise. Ironically, when she tells me about the guys that pursue her, I find myself rooting for them, settling for the vicarious pleasure of hearing her stories, instead of wishing she’d sit home and pine away for me. Though it would be nice if she pined just a little.” Mark, 26

“I don’t know why my female friends are always telling me how much I’d like the men they’re dating. I don’t want to like them. I want to be them.” Eddy, 23

“The problem is that women want male friends to hang out with while guys want female friends to be casual sex partners. So as soon as you call a woman your friend, it means you lost and she won.” Bob, 26

“I’d tell one of my women friends about a date that bombed long before I’d tell a guy. For me to tell a guy, the story has to be more than pathetic it’s gotta be really, really funny.” Sam, 32

“You know you’re really friends with a woman when you can talk about sex like you would talk to a guy, with that same matter-of-factness. I’ve asked my friend Sara what it’s like to swallow semen, and she’s asked me how it feels to have an erection. Anything goes, and I always get, and give, an honest answer.” Pat, 29

“I’ve got female friends who’ve made it clear they’re not interested in me ‘in that way,’ but I still consider myself to be pursuing them just on a much, much, much lower level.” Milton, 29

“The best part of having women friends is that you get to go to schmaltzy movies that otherwise you’d have to deny wanting to see.” Paul, 24

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