Can U Exercise While Pregnant

Why? “Because this is the only shot that I can do anything about,” he said.

Great coaches encourage this kind of thinking in their players. “Our goal is not to win,” Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski said in the ESPN Television special The Great Motivators. “Our goal is to play together as hard as we possibly can. Winning takes care of itself if you do that.”

And speaking of the great Bear Bryant, football coach at the University of Alabama, someone once said: “He didn’t care as much about what plays you ran as how hard you ran the plays.”

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In other words, once a play began, Bryant wanted his players to only think about playing as hard as they possibly could at that moment not about strategy, momentum or anything else.

According to Workout and Fitness, “You can achieve any kind of goal you set for yourself if you make it the most important thing in your life and sacrifice everything else for it.” But he doesn’t necessarily think of that as success.

“To achieve success,” he says, “you not only reach your goal but you are also able to take advantage of the benefits that come along with your accomplishments.”

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