Can You Exercise When You Are Pregnant

Training for your specific body type

In our physical education classes, we all went out and did our calisthenics together. Everybody did the same thing. And when we were tested, we were all expected to achieve the same goals: 10 pull-ups, 50 sit-ups and five laps. And whoever came in last had to do some extra push-ups.

But people are obviously different.

The 250-pound endomorph might be able to lift huge weights but is no match for the 110-pound ectomorph in a 1-mile race. We each need our own individual training routine.

Here are some guidelines for determining what kind of training routine you need:

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1. If you have a large, strong body – if you’re an athletic endomorph or a mesomorph – you can train for long periods several times a week. Like a body builder, you can use a six-day-a-week, twice-a-day training routine and probably still grow bigger and stronger.

2. If you have a smaller frame and your goal is to gain size and strength, then train for brief periods, using exercises that work the big muscles, and include at least one full day’s rest between each workout.

3. You might need a combination of the two. If you have a small top and a big bottom, as Vera Christensen mentioned earlier, then use only a few heavy exercises for your upper body and a lot of repetitions of lighter weights for your lower body.

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