Can You Exercise When Your Pregnant

Mixed body type

If you are a female who has a common female body type – small top and large middle and bottom – you will need to use certain elements of each of the training routines just described.

For your upper body, use heavy weights and medium repetitions to increase your chest thickness, your back muscles and your shoulder size. Exercise your upper body two or three times a week, and give it time to grow.

For your waist, use high repetitions. You might want to do sit-ups five or six times a week.

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To shape up your legs, use medium repetitions of appropriate exercises.

If you are a man with this body type, you may need to build up your arms, shoulders, back and chest, reduce your waist, build strong muscular abdominals and build strong, powerful leg and hip muscles. Power comes from your legs and hips.

Some advice for everyone, regardless of body type:

Study your physique.

Listen to your coach or trainer.

Analyze everything at your level, decide what to do, then monitor your results and make adjustments as necessary.

Your body knows what it needs. Learn to listen to it.

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