CAPRICORN Five of Hearts

CAPRICORN Five of Hearts Dec 22 – Jan 20 This is the time for you to stop allowing your heart to be broken. You are on the path to empowerment and will no longer settle for anything less than you deserve. You’re replacing criticism and disappointment with a new set of personal boundaries and your self-worth is about to soar. Any situation, relationship or thought that doesn’t come up to scratch has got to go straight away.

At times, breaking away may feel challenging but keep your eye focused on the light. When you choose yourself, you send out an immense vibration into the Universe that says you are ready for more. You are making big changes this month, just remember that every step will be worth it because your well-being, happiness and dreams are important.

ARIES Four of Swords Mar 21 – Apr 20 You’re not going to find any answers outside of yourself at the moment. Take a break from looking under every rock for a clue, because you actually already know the answers. What you’re seeking is someone to agree with you and validate what you already believe. You don’t need to do that. Bring it all inwards. The only problems you will have this month will be not believing in yourself. Listen to your heart; it speaks only what is true for you and you can trust it. It may occasionally say things to you that make you feel uncomfortable or unsure, but sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith. If you find you can’t stop thinking about it, then perhaps it’s a risk worth taking.

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