Step 1. Use your emotions to select a specific approach to training from among the various proven methods. Avoid the temptation to reinvent the proverbial wheel; there is more than one effective way to train. Naturally, when you are just beginning as a runner, you don’t have personal performance results for determining what works for you and what doesn’t. But you do have available the collective performance results codified in today’s standard training methods. While there is a family resemblance in the training methods used by all successful runners at every level of the sport, there are great differences at the level of details. Here your emotions become valuable tools in selecting the specific methods you wish to try first, before you have put them to the test and get performance results from them, good or bad. I believe that the specific training options that are most appealing to you are very likely to be those that work best for you physiologically, because that feeling of preference is a product of your body’s unconscious intelligence and self-knowledge. What’s more, simply believing in your approach to training is probably as important as a good fit between your training methods and your individual physiology, especially when you are choosing specific methods from among a general pool of methods that are proved to work generally for runners. If you start your training journey by trying out the methods that best match your personal preferences, you are likely to train with a greater sense of belief in the effectiveness of your approach than you would if you started your training journey by blindly aping the training practices of a certain coach, runner, or other authority, and that belief will be self-fulfilling.



cardio exercises at home

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Cardio Exercises

Tags : exercises , fitness , cardio , fitness exercises

Tags : exercises , fitness , cardio , fitness exercises

This chart showing the Top 10 Calorie Burning Cardio Exercises

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