Carmen Kass Diet Plan Workout Routine

Carmen Kass Diet Plan

Moreover, the Optimal Diet allows the widest variety of food choices. And after a few weeks you will not have to exercise great will power, nor will you feel deprived. Your tastes will readjust in time, so that the “avoid” foods you may now crave will no longer tempt you.
Our patients have found they can’t fool us. Occasionally one will confess to having gone on a binge, eating foods discouraged or prohibited by the Optimal Diet. If the patient says, “But I’ve been on your Optimal Diet most of the time, really,” we ask the key question: “Did those forbidden foods taste good?”
Any patient who tells us they did is almost certainly fibbing. Adherence to the Optimal Diet for any length of time makes sweet and starchy foods seem unappealing.

Diet ‘jitters” may seem a small price to pay for a slim figure, but many people who first experienced an “attack of nerves” while on a reducing diet later become much sicker.

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