Carrie Underwood Hair Updo

Raising the dead Has your crowning glory become a dreaded rat’s nest? Are you doing one hair treatment after the other, looking for the next miracle cure?

Well, join the club! Millions of people all over the world, including myself, are looking for cures to their hair woes.

Carrie Underwood Hair Updo

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Prior to having my two kids, my hair care regime included benign neglect and indifference. It was only when my once luscious locks began to stick together like Velcro® and I appeared to have half the hair I used to, that my hair finally got my attention.

In an endeavour to rid my hair of those dreadful ‘bad hair days’ I started clutching at miracle cures, quick fixes and some not so inexpensive solutions. Making little headway and with limited success, who was I kidding? It just kept getting worse! As the shedding increased and the width of my ponytail decreased, frustration set in. So, like a dog with a bone I went looking for answers.

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