Carson Daly Style Fashion & Looks

I fell in love immediately, even though I didn’t actually meet her until a few months later. For the future Mrs von Bennigsen, it was not quite such a coup defoudre. As she later tells me, when she first became aware of his presence at a mutual friend’s party (at the time in her first job out of college consulting for the Italian textile company Ratti and making one off pieces for Fred Segal in LA), she didn’t fancy him one little bit. Every time I turned round there he was, she explains in her frank yet somewhat halting manner. He spent the rest of the evening chewing my ear off. He just wasn’t my type at all. I couldn’t imagine going out with anyone who didn’t know how to flip a sheep onto its back and deliver a lamb or, for that matter, anyone who wasn’t a vain, handsome wanker totally into himself.

Carson Daly Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Carson Daly Info Chart

Style Name Carson Jones Daly
Style Birth; June 22, 1973
Style From; Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Style Occupations; American Television Host
Style Relationship; Dating Siri Pinter

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Carson Daly Style Fashion & Looks

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