Celeb Hair Inspiration: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, why do you look so angry all the time? You have great hair, you should be happy about it.

The results were intriguing; After six months, the Viviscal treated group grew 38 percent more hair, compared to just 2 percent in the other group. The researchers noted that “Viviscal appears to be the first highly active treatment for androgenetic alopecia in young males.”

It’s not clear why the product worked so well, but the com mon uenominator may have been silica. The control supplement.

which produced no resul ts, was free of silica. İn addition, researchers belıeve that the mixture of ingredients in the supplement may help reactivate the resting hair follicle to get hair grow ing again.

Availablo information on the product states that it’s formu lated for both men and women, It may be worth a try, and you can order it from: www.viviscal.com. The supplement costs between $38 and $78 a month.

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