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Ridding yourself of Life Dysmorphia isn’t about learning to accept that you’re never going to have the dream life you thought you would – it’s about coming to terms with the fact that your life might be just another variation on that dream life, and if you’re only using comparisons as a way of criticising yourself, there’s nothing to criticise. Being unhappy because the things that you have aren’t the same as the things someone else has – and not because you’re actually feeling unhappy – makes no sense. And, Hannah, who was worried about her boyfriend Matt being Mr Right, but not Mr Perfect, has started to realise it comes down to believing that being with someone who makes her feel good is more important than being with someone who’s good on paper. “It’s not as if I lowered my standards. I was just waiting to fall in love, and when I met Matt, I did. And, I’m beginning to realise that a successful relationship – and life – isn’t about ticking every box on some imaginary checklist.

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