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I’m a colour coward
I live in black, but secretly, I’d love to be able to wear bright colours. Where do I start?
El says: You and Donna Karan both. However, this season, take a leaf out of her book by dumping practical black and embracing vivid colour and pattern.
French Connection have done a fab selection of patterned cotton skirts. But, if you want a more gradual introduction, start with accessories. Try Shelly’s for fab, brightly-coloured flats, or H&M for abstract-print bags. If you think black is more slimming, colour can be, too. Just make sure items fit properly and avoid lighter colours on your bottom half. Block pastel colours, like a pencil skirt and structured corset – very Marc Jacobs -are also very flattering. Brights are unavoidable this season, so don’t be shy – splash out.

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