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For this volume, de Ocampo asked someone close to each of the subjects to write a short accompanying text. Claus von Bulow tums in a loving homage to his daughter, Cosima, for example, while Marianne Faithfull offers tart praise of Daniel de la Falaise: “He can be a complete c and, at the same time, he is incredibly kind.” While putting together the new book, de Ocampo swiftly went about setting up house. As soon as the family had moved in, she asked Silis and Huniford, whom she met during her Vogue days, to come över and decorate. “I definitely did not want to go traditional English,” she explains.

“I knew they would never give me something typical.” During sev eral visits to London, the duo, who wanted a feeüng that was warm but edgy, conceived interiors that make crucial use of color. “We had to get the atmosphere right, to combat London’s dreary weather,” says Silis. The living room walls fnen were done in a warm brown glazed in five different shades, then waxed and buffed and the custom designed furni her 11 Abovture was upholstered in green silk. On the dining room valls, silver paper was antiqued with tints of amber and teal blue, which perfecdy catches candlelight at night.

Stils: The unusual colors might have fazed some customers, but not this one. “Brooke was totally up for it; there were no boundaries,” says Huniford. According to Silis, such openness is rare today, particularly in young people, ironic whith as it may seem. That’s why the two designers like de Ocampo. “She loves glamour,” says Silis. “She’s not afraid of “ gold and velvet. And why not?”

Celebrity Style Tips

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