Celebs Caught Grabbing Booty! 2015

Celebs Caught Grabbing Booty!

After the team were safely home, the photographs duly arrived in to the art department and the verdict began to trickle through the building. Nancy hated them. She thought the model was spectacularly unattractive.

It’s unusual that such a major trip went ahead without the model being approved, but often when an international model is booked direct to a location, how they look when they turn up is not quite how they were depicted in their portfolio. They can often carry a few extra kilos in weight that the agent chose not to divulge, and the fashion editor then faces the dilemma of having none of the clothes fit. On many occasions, Judith had to cut clothes up the back and pin them together.

In the case of the African incident, Judith was disconsolate. ‘I liked her. I specifically chose her because she looked like a lioness!’ she exclaimed. I think I gently suggested to her that perhaps therein lay the problem. The story was cut drastically and there was a mad scramble for African artifacts and a Maasai backdrop, while a studio shoot was then set up in downtown Sydney Central with a different model. The Africa issue managed to make it to print, but we were reminded about the cost by our editorial business manager for years afterwards, even if we hadn’t personally been involved.

The sheer unpredictability of location trips and the personalities of the chosen crew certainly provided a myriad of dramas. In Greece, fashion editor Sandra Hirsh learned the hard way when her model, a rising star who had won an international modelling competition from Germany, took a shine to the photographer’s assistant. It happened a lot.

Celebs Caught Grabbing Booty! 2015

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Celebs Caught Grabbing Booty! 2015 Photo Gallery

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