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When it comes to prescription eyeglasses, it goes without saying that the lenses must be the right prescription and grade for your needs. But there’s another burning question that needs to be answered: what about the frames? Since you’re bound to use those eyeglasses every day, the frames you choose need to be the proper ones as well. So how do you choose the best eyeglass frames for the shape of your face? Here’s how.

Three main considerations

There are three main considerations when choosing prescription eyeglass frames. The first is that the frames should accentuate what you have as your best feature (if you have nice blue eyes, then a blue-coloured frame would be a good choice). The second consideration is that the shape of the frame should be in contrast to the shape of your face. The third consideration is that the size of the frame should be the appropriate scale to the size of your face.

The shape of your face

The shape of your face plays an important role in regards to choosing the best frames. There are a total of seven shapes, and this includes a round face, an oval face, an oblong face, an inverted triangle-shaped face, a square-shaped face, and a diamond-shaped face.

If you have a round face, narrow and angular frames would go best with you. You want to make your face appear longer and narrower, so frames like these would serve to lengthen your round face. For those with oval faces, you’re one of the lucky ones it’s relatively easy to choose the proper frames for your face shape simply because your face already has a natural, inherent balance. One tip, though: choose frames which are wider than your face’s broadest area.

Those with an oblong face have faces which are long, with a long line on the cheek and often, a longer nose. To make your face look shorter, opt for frames which are deeper rather than wider or frames that feature a lower bridge. If you have an inverted triangle-shaped face, you would have a forehead which is narrow with a wider chin and cheeks. For you, frames with bolder colour accents are ideal, or try frames which have details on their top half. If you have a square face, you would have a strong jaw with a forehead which is broad, so frames which are narrow are best. For those with a diamond-shaped face who have a narrow jaw and eye line combined with broad cheeks, go for frames which have detailing on the brow area or frames which are rimless.

Consider your eyeglass frames an investment. After all, you’d be using them every day and you would want them to last for a long time. Chanel glasses, for instance, are the epitome of style and elegance and are undoubtedly strong and durable as well.

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