Chanel Handbags 2015

While researching her story on Chanel’s new fine jewelry boutique, Chen, W’s Senior Accessories Editör, got a crash course in Coco Chanel history. “She was such a pioneer,” says Chen, adding that today’s diamonds and jeans sensibility can be traced back to the designer.

“She was the first person ever to pair fine jewelry with sportswear instead of just evening gowns. At the time, that was unheard of.” As for the collection, Chen fell hard for the Coco rings colorful cocktail pieces in white and yellow gold. “They’re so versatile,” she says.

“If I had one, I would probably never take it off.” She also wrote a story on pastel watches inspired by the color palette of Impressionist artists and assembled the jewels for W’s fashion shoot with Beyonce Knowles. “We went for total glamour. Lots of diamonds and big rocks,” says Chen. “Beyonce is someone who really knows how to wear jewelry.”

Chanel Handbags 2015

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