Channing Tatum Workout Routine Diet Plan

Nonphysical Exercise for Week Four: The Sharon Assignment

“I hate to be fat!”

“I don’t have to be fat anymore!”

“Fil never be fat again!”

Can you imagine saying that to anyone, let alone a stranger? Remember, you have to acknowledge and confront your weight before you can let go of it. You have carried it around long enough. Go up to three people friends, or preferably strangers and repeat the above with conviction. No preliminaries or explanations. Write down how it makes you feel.

Sharon was at a plateau, that inevitable period when you stop losing weight (see page 122), when I devised this little game for her to play. The day after she did this in an elevator full of strangers, she not only broke her’plateau, but she also lost V/2 pounds. Try it. It’s fun.

Channing Tatum (60)

Channing Tatum Workout Routine Diet Plan

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