Chantecaille Real Skin Foundation


Chantecaille’s Real Skin provides the most natural looking coverage. Colour is suspended in a gel so it glides on easily as well as giving a brighter, sparkling complexion. Future Skin – the alternative to Real Skin for those with greasier complexions is an even lighter formulation that is oil-free. Estee Lauder’s Spotlight boasts revolutionary optical technology called specular reflection. As the foundation contains many layered particles, hundreds of reflections occur simultaneously and prevent the eye from focusing on any one layer. This creates a sense of depth and a youthful glow.

Estee Lauder’s light-responsive make-up, Revelation, was not only light diffusing (that is, it reflected light to divert attention from lines and wrinkles) but light responsive, too. Because ofthe photochromic pigment it contained, the foundation changed colour in different lights, meaning that it looked just as natural in broad daylight as it did in a candle-lit evening glow.

Coverage and adds a smidgen of colour to your complexion. Be sure to blend in well to avoid a patchy finish.


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