This seemed totally counterintuitive to me, but here we were, six days after my last meal, my energy levels were through the roof and I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in eating food.

They even delivered my break fast’ meal (half a papaya) the night before, so I had that sucker staring at me for about 18 hours before I got around to eating it. Just didn’t feel like it!

What was really surprising during the week was understanding the amount of energy and glucose that the brain needs to fuel even the most basic of tasks. I committed to sharing my journey each day on Instagram, so when it came time to whip out the camera, compose a shot, then upload that with a witty/interesting/informative caption, I was left virtually stupefied.

While I could lie around staring at the clouds all day and not feel fatigued or hungry at all, after about an hour of composing one shot I would be physically exhausted and positively starving, often needing to go down for a nap.

Which made me understand why it’s so important to do a cleanse in an environment like this, where you can really give your brain the break it so deserves, as well as your body.

By Day 3 I was really settling into the Byron groove, and could quite happily sit still for extended periods of time without feeling the need to do anything. Literally just sitting.

Staring at the clouds, looking at the trees, getting lost in my thoughts, and marvelling at the mechanics of this glorious body of mine.

Did I mention that my cabin was completely secluded on the Tallow Beach Houses Estate? I took full advantage of this fact and swanned around in my birthday suit for the majority of each day. Naked sunbaking, naked yoga, naked meditation. Being that nude for that long definitely added to the newfound love and appreciation for my body.

Fortunately I had just managed to pop on a Camilla kaftan when Sam the Sound Healer arrived on my doorstep with didgeridoo, crystal bowls and glass triangles in tow.

Sound healing has always been pretty powerful for me, so I was really looking forward to this. As I lay on the floor, Sam set up behind my head. Then as I sunk deep into relaxation he orchestrated the most exquisitely intense yet subtly magical binaural experience of my life.

Sam said he channels the sounds uniquely for each session based on what he feels the client needs to receive. And he definitely hit the spot with me! I was left buzzing after our sesh and feeling more in tune with myself than I had in a long time.


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