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Her Little Pony Madonna may be the one wearing the cowboy hat in the family, but it’s lit tle Lourdes who’s in the saddle. The Material Girl’s five year old daughter has been taking riding lessons with horsewoman Basia Briggs, who, with her husband, Richard, runs stables in London’s Hyde Park and Keaşjngton. Lourdes’ $90 private rides take her out on a lead rein accompanied by her nanny and a trainer.

Dıfnng the lesson, Lourdes learns basic tips on how to master the riding trot. Madonna, apparently, has yet to she her lîttle girl on horseback. “Perhaps next time she’ll bring her mum,” Briggs says hopefully.

Bouley for Yoıı Dominique Simon, the former maître d’ at Bouley Bakery, is about to spill the haricots verts about his talented boss David Bouley and the restaurant’s famous clientele. Simon, who is now director of operations at Citarella, hopes to have a memoir finislıed some time next year. In the meantime, his agent is shop ping the proposal to publishing houses.

“You’U see my 10 years at the restaurant from the front of the house perspective, my trips with David and ali the chaos that goes on at Bouley,” says Simon. He prom ises that the controversy över Bouley’s catering for Ground Zero vvorkers (the chef was accused of over charging the Red Cross) is also on the menü.

China Fashion and Street Style

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