Choppy bob hairstyles with bangs

Coppola Salon in New York City, prefers to use a toner to get the same effect. “Toners are great for correcting overbleached hair because they act as an overall wash. They take the brassy edge off extreme highlights and bring the hair closer to its natural shade,” she says. “Afterward I would add a few highlights around the face to keep your hair looking bright.”

Overhighlighting occurs when too much bleach is placed on parts of your hair. As a result, the difference in color between your highlights and your roots becomes too dramatic, and you have a noticeable line of demarcation. Minardi suggests softening the contrast by adding low lights, which are slightly darker tones. “This will keep the depth of color you normally get from highlights, while bringing your hair back down to a more realistic shade,” she says.

Sharon Dorram, head colorist at Peter…

Choppy bob hairstyles with bangs

Choppy bob hairstyles with bangs Photo Gallery

Choppy bob hairstyles with bangs

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