Chris Messina Workout Routine Diet Plan

H/eight 2 glasses wine or champagne
DAY 30 Figs, fresh or Dates (6 oz.) Potatoes, any
TVeight dried style with
Mazel or L.T.O. Salad, (see recipes, Chapter VI) and vodka or Open Dessert
DAY 31 Mango (if not fc. Pineapple
Weight available, papaya)
DAY 32 Eggs and toast Mono Open Protein
TVeight Protein
DAY 33 Kiwi (ifnot Papaya
TVeight available, papaya)
DAY 34 Pineapple hVeight
Mazel Salad and vodka


Mazeltalk: The Final Word

Now, do you believe it? Do you have any excuses left? You ate pasta and hamburger and popcom, and you stili lost weight!

One by one, every excuse you had for blowing it is being taken away One by one, every excuse you had for being fat is being taken away….

Soon you will have the body you*ve always dreamed of. You are about to experience your dream come true. I’m not going to leave you with one excuse. You’ve come this far you have a skinny potential; your perseverance has proved it.

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