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The Transformation of a Food Junkie


All my life I have loved to eat and lived to eat. I stili do. I can match you or anyone, food fantasy for food fan tasy, bite for bite. I can sit down and luxuriate in a rack of lamb for twowithout leaving a shred on my platea whole Long Island duckling, an eighteenounce steak, a triple order of linguini, or an entire cheesecake. When food is in my mouth, I’m in an altered State of consciousness. My heart sings and my soul soars. I never have enough. I’m totally absorbed.

Somehow, I never get full. I never get tired of eating. Yet for the last six years, my fıvefeetfourinch frame has not varied more than three pounds from my ideal weight of 102.1 eagerly look forward to getting on my scale every moming, to ferreting out the tiniest bikinis to wear on the r4, beach. I’m not afraid to layer on the bulkiest clothes when I’m in snow countryand I owe it ali to a way of eating v that I devised and developeda methodology and a phi if losophy that has become the Beverly Hills Diet. It wasn’t always that way. Far from it. I began life as a skinny. But suddenly, at the age of eight, I started to gain weight. I vividly remember being taken to a “diet doctor,” who gave me my fırst diet pills. From that moment on my life seesawed between fat and chubby; I was hooked into a maze of diet doctors, shots, pills, thyroid pills, supple ments, laxatives, diets, diets, and more diets.

Everybody watched what I ate. And what I ate, in tum, occupied more and more of my energy and my life. I loved to clear the table because that was my chance to grab every body’s leftovers. My family constantly nagged, “Are you stili eating, Judy? Haven’t you had enough?” The more they hounded me, the more I wanted to eat.

When I graduated from grammar school, my mother was shocked because I was too fat to fit into children’s clothes. She had to take me to an adultclothing storeand pay adult pricesfor my graduation dress.

When I was fourteen and had swelled to 145 pounds, I decided for myself to go on a diet. My pills were increased. My nerves throbbed and my head ached. İnsomnia became a fixation. I was a real brat. But I stuck to it and dropped to 114 pounds.

Cillian Murphy Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Cillian Murphy Info Chart

Style Name Cillian Murphy
Style Birth; May 25, 1976
Style From; Douglas, County Cork, Ireland
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Married To Yvonne McGuinness
A-List; B-List

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