Claudia Schiffer Diet Plan Workout Routine

Claudia Schiffer Diet Plan

Why? What had happened?

Following a complete medical evaluation of Mrs. S., we had quickly recognized the basic cause of her difficulties. She was suffering nutrient deficiencies which complicated and aggravated a metabolic dysfunction ing. Her diet was primarily to blame, for she unerringly chose those foods most likely to upset an already out of balance biochemistry. We found that she was addicted to sweets, that she tried to keep going on be tween meal snacks that filled her up without nourishing her. Her emotional state was deteriorating as a result of a combination of nutritionally related metabolic disturbances.

It is interesting to speculate on the various turns Mrs. S s life might have taken had she turned elsewhere for help.

Had she sought conventional medical aid, it is not fanciful to presume that, once a physical examination failed to turn up evidence of organic illness or a specific treatable disease, she would have been told her problems were “all in her mind” and referred to a psychiatrist.

Had she gone to the psychiatrist, it is likely she.

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