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With her trademark dark hair, wry smile and great comic timing, Claudia Winkleman has become one of the highlights of Saturday night TV Beauty editor Nadine Baggott catches up with the popular presenter to get up to speed on her make-up must-haves

I first met Claudia Winkleman when we appeared on Granada Breeze TV together many years ago, when she was starting out. Back then, she had a reputation for always laughing and giggling on screen, so it is comforting to know that, despite her huge success, she has not changed one bit – she remains as charming and self-effacing as ever and she still loves to laugh.

Little wonder, then, that the co-host of Strictly Come Dancing has won over not only the family audience that makes up the show’s fan base, but also pretty much everyone else, too, as her appearances on comedy panel quiz shows like 8 Out of 10 Cats and Never Mind the Buzzcocks demonstrate. Marks & Spencer is certainly a fan, which is why it asked Claudia to collaborate on a collection of make-up and Christmas gift sets.

With the festive countdown now on, My blog! caught up with Claudia to see what she has planned for the big day and to get the lowdown on her new cosmetics range.

Congratulations on being the first person to realise the importance of combining Percy Pig sweets with eyeliner. Could this be why, really, you decided to create a beauty range for Marks & Spencer?

M&S are adorable and magically they called me and asked if I’d be interested in creating a make-up line with them. I almost dropped the phone. I’ve always loved their shops – for socks and for macaroni cheese. I said, Have you got the right number? Have you seen what I look like? Did you see me at the GQ Awards? You know I only believe in black eyeliner and pale lipstick?’ And they said, Yes, come in straight away.’ It was sort of love at first sight. They’re brilliant and even said I could give away Percy Pigs with some of the make-up. Win-win. 

How involved were you in the process of creating the make-up and putting together the gift sets?

We sat down and talked about what I feel strongly about.

I like make-up that looks like you might have slept in it; I like sweets and I also love shiny hair. We created a conditioner that I’m particularly proud of and they let me move into the lab while they put together the best lipstick colours on the planet. I’m sure they wanted to chuck me out, but they let me drive them mad, shrieking, No, this is too beige!’ 

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