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And while we’re on the subject of a whistle-clean skin, let me pass on one recipe that I’ve been using for years. It won’t interfere with your acid-balanced treatment (which you must be onto by now). What it will do is safely and naturally get rid of any and all awful things that might have hidden away in your pores. It’s the invention of the G.O.M. of health (that’s fashion-ese for “Grand Old Master”), Gayelord Hauser, and it’s nothing more than an herbal laxative that is sold at practically any pharmacy.

It’s called “Swiss Kriss,” and the ingredients are mainly dried leaves of senna, licorice root, fennel, anise, and caraway seed; dandelion, peppermint, papaya, strawberry and peach leaves, juniper berries, centaury, lemon verbena, cyani flowers, and parsley quite a concoction, I’d say. Presumably you can whip up your own, but since this one works so well, and I’m usually so rushed, I once again lazily leave it to the lab, leaving my energies for where they’re really needed!

Put a pot of water on the stove about a two-quart boiler should do it bring it to a boil and then put in a glob of Swiss Kriss. Mr. Hauser says three teaspoons, but I simply pour some in. Let the mixture brew on a low heat for about three minutes to make sure you’ve got essence of herb. Then remove from the flame, get yourself a towel, and cover your head with a shower cap if you have a hairdo you must save. (If you have a hairdo like mine, it won’t make any difference. My no-set hair can’t come un-set.

images (1)Still, it might be a wise idea to try this treatment before your every-other-day shampoo!) Hold a towel over your head and your head over the pot and turn your face slowly from side to side for abbut five minutes. Make sure the towel is held so that the steam gets you right in the face!

Close your eyes, but of course. (They don’t require this sort of cleaning!) Almost immediately you will find that you are, not perspiring, but sweating. Profusely. And that things are coming out. Just as they should be. According to Mr. Hauser, this herbalized steam is “made of the softest distilled water, soft as spring rain, and the glow in your cheeks is your own, brought there by your own red blood stream.’’ Didn’t we tell you that blood had to get to where you need it?

I will guarantee the relaxing effectiveness of this herbal sauna. I will also guarantee that plain old steam will not have the same effect. Don’t worry. Having a natural reporter’s kind of inquiring mind, I tested it. No dice. Just ordinary perspiration, not the kind of liqui-dating-all-evils sweat you get from this sauna.
Mr. Hauser recommends finishing it off with a splash of cold water. After learning my lesson on that, I finish mine off with my acid-balanced makeup regimen. Hot water and all. And I feel clean!

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