Cocktail Circuit

Your first diet-jolt, if you’ve chosen the low-carbohydrate diet, is going to come at a cocktail party . . . I’m reasonably sure of that. First of all, gin and tonic or Bloody Marys are just plain out. You’ll have to learn to stick to Bull Shot, instead vodka with consomme if you must have that drink. I think that booze is the big beauty killer, but I m sure I can’t convert every one of you on the first try.

Soon you’ll give it a whirl, and, once you discover how much better you look without booze, you’ll probably give it up for good. Meanwhile, beware of mixed drinks bearing carbohydrates. Make yours pure, with water or club soda. As for wine, check the chart and you’ll see it has more carbohydrates than hard liquors (especially my one-time favorite, champagne). And, of course, all sweetened drinks are definitely out.

But what to do about all those crackery hors d’oeuvres? There’s a trick to that. You’ll learn to eat the cheese off the cracker (remembering Jean Mayer’s bit about American breadstuff being little more than a napkin, in any case) and deposit the uneaten cracker in the nearest waste basket. You will opt for celery filled with cheese. You will go for the little sausages. You may have anything that you have, by now, learned isn’t carbohydrate-loaded.
But at the first cocktail party of your diet look to your carbohydrates.

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