Today was a free day, and by now I had finally managed to settle into the art of nothingness. So I quite happily whiled away the best part of the day in naked gloriousness with nothing much to show for the day except for a good, even tan.

Oh and I did pop down to the far-infrared sauna for my final sesh; this was something I’d been doing each day to assist the detoxification process. Our skin is a major organ of elimination and these saunas greatly assist in reducing the toxic load.

And since it was Friday, I figured it was cocktail hour in the real world, so I poured a vino glass of my berry juice and enjoyed a silent sundowner on the back deck. Bliss!


It feels like I’ve pressed the reset button on my health and wellbeing. And the best part is, I feel confident in maintaining these results long term due to the fact that here was such a dramatic improvement in such a short period rather than if I was in the real world slowly chipping away at my health goals: two steps forward, one step back style.

My baseline stress levels have dropped dramatically. Things that were getting me quite agitated pre-cleanse, now don’t bother me in the slightest.

I have a newfound appreciation for this body I inhabit, and I now look after it like it’s my best friend (rather than a podgy, incompliant frenemy).

I’ve had a mini-facelift, shaving, oh, I’d say about four to five years off of my face. Wrinkles, saggy skin and dullness have gone and I have a luminosity and glow that’s been missing since my youth.

I’ve lost the last two to three kg, and the best part is, aside from some gentle yoga and walks, I didn’t do any other form of exercise. This adds fuel to my theory that a lot of the fat’ that we carry is actually inflammation, and when you address the cause of the inflammation, the weight will drop off naturally.

I have new health practices that I’ve integrated seamlessly into my daily routine, which I could never have done pre-cleanse. (I used to hear of those people swapping their morning coffees for a green smoothie, and I’d think… well, that’s some crazy right there. Now I am one of those people! And I love it!)

But probably the biggest a-ha moment was discovering the joy of single tasking. Yep, single tasking, it’s a thing!

You probably haven’t heard of it because, like me, you’re likely a highly efficient multi-tasker, relishing your magnificent ability to squeeze more tasks into one moment than a single person could do in a week.

Impressive, yes. Enjoyable, no.

Turns out doing one thing at a time actually amplifies the joy of that task. More presence equals more happiness, right?

I found myself sitting in the sun without reading a book, walking without listening to a podcast, and eating (or dinking as it was in my case) without checking my phone. Just doing one thing at a time!

And surprisingly, each task became more enjoyable. More!

I would never normally allow myself the luxury of indulging in a cup of tea just for the sake of it. There would have to be some purpose to that deliciously indulgent down time; it couldn’t simply be just that – down time.

No more! This one realisation alone has been positively liberating, and I’m now finding the joy and reckless abandon in doing Just. One. Thing. At. A. Time.

After all, the space between the noise is where the beauty lies, right?



Eating a salty snack is recommended after a steam bath.

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24 Hour Fitness - Ladera Ranch, CA, United States. Our newly renovated

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