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There is always a small element of bohemian lurking in my style. I never brush my hair, and I wash it only once a week; no matter where I’m going, I always pack a peasant blouse, and I sometimes love to pile on the jewelry. However, I’ve also been through a couple of full-on bohemian phases as well.

When I was at boarding school in the early 90s, I was madly in love with a Dead Head yes, a follower of the Grateful Dead. Dead Heads spend vacations and summers following the band around the country, sometimes dropping out of school completely in order to attend all their concerts. It was kind of a hippie hangover from the 60s and 70s people who couldn’t let go and I joined in to be with my boyfriend. The long floral Puta-mayo skirts appeared, as did the Indian beads and the hand-block-printed T-shirts. I bought almost everything from Indian stores. My hair was actually the same as it is now long, wavy, and messy. My sister got into the hippie thing too. She even stopped shaving her legs for a while. I didn’t go quite that far, but I did feel very romantic at the time. Part clothes, part love, I’d say.

I had another bohemian moment in 2005. It was partially inspired by the large peasant skirts going down the fashion runways and Kate Moss’s public embrace of fringed boots and fur ponchos (I’m always a sucker for a trend if it suits me), but also I was driven by a desire to feel comfortable in my clothes. Before then I had been working as the creative director at Tuleh, and it was my job to be fashionably inspiring. I’d trot over there every day in sky-high Manolo Blahnik stilettos, unforgiving tailored trousers, elaborately tied blouses basically doing whatever it took to look good. (Being a muse is harder than it looks!) But now I was at home most of the day working on this book and hanging out with my two young kids. I do have to look good to feel inspired to write, but I can’t concentrate if my pants, however stylish, are suffocating me. Happily I rediscovered the bohemian thing, which allowed me to spend comfortable hours at my desk without looking like a slob.


This time, though, my take on bohemian was decidedly different. I was inspired by my mother and father’s Palm Beach version of hippie in the 60s and 70s: part classic, part luxury, part flower child. My dad would mix a Mexican tunic and Birkenstocks with chic, center-pleated khaki pants and a gold Rolex. My mom had many memorable outfits, among them these green silk bell-bottom trousers with silk patches of fruit sewn up the side of one leg, which she wore with a gold Lurex knit turtleneck sweater. Even though I probably never would have worn the pants, I am devastated that she didn’t keep them for me. So as a nod to that memory of comfortable yet spirited luxury, I’d wear a crocheted peasant top with real gold jewelry (including my Dad’s gold St. Christopher medallion), skinny jeans (with a little stretch), and Miu Miu platform sandals that I bought on eBay for $40 (they’re comfortable, I swear). It was a simpler, less over-the-top bohemian look with a luxurious twist, and it suited my age and my life at the time.

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