Our family ranch, which I spend about half my time on, is in the mountains. It’s been in the family for 120 years, so it’s very much a touchstone for us.”

As it provided so much material, Lund says he wrote a third of the album in the family cabin in the woods, but for the other two thirds, he spent two months in Berlin.

“I often go to a strange city I’ve never been to, to work on music. I’ve been to Austin and New York. I have a couple of friends in Berlin who showed me around the city, and it seems to be kind of like the Brooklyn of Europe, almost. It’s very fertile ground. As the career gets better I find it more difficult to find time to write. I usually have to block off for a few months and just go somewhere where I don’t know anyone.”

While Lund’s music is firmly ground in his take on traditional Americana and alt-country, he also ventured into the world of mainstream country recently, teaming up with big stars, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley. He knew a few of Lambert’s” friends of friends” who grew up with her in Austin, Texas, and quickly discovered she was a fan of his previous works.

“I was flattered. She was on tour a couple of years ago and we were drinking beer at the pub and she started singing my songs back to me, so I was quite surprised. I ended up going on tour with her and Dierks. It’s interesting, because there’s the mainstream country radio, and then there’s the underground outlaw country scene that bubbles under the surface, and usually I’ve been in the latter.

Recent tours have included, stints around Canada, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and he hopes to ‘definitely’ include the UK in the next road trip.

“We get some mail from the UK, but it’s hard because Europe is pretty big, so you have to pick your spots and develop it region by region. We used to play England quite a bit, but it’s been a few years. I’ve always been impressed with English peoples’ taste in country music, it always seems like they like the good stuff.” Megan Gnad

“Performing with Miranda was interesting, because she was playing stadiums with 30,000 people in them and they didn’t know who you were from Adam. So it really made me fall back on being an old school performer, and explaining who you are, and where you’re from. Most country fans, even modern country fans, have a taste for [older styles] – everyone loves Johnny Cash, and everyone likes Willie Nelson, right?”

Performing with his long-time band members, the Hurtin’ Albertans, he says is like working with family: “The new guy has been with us for 12 years, so it’s a long time. I like to record, but our focus is on the entertainment and playing live. We’ve played together so much we almost have a musical shorthand; it’s like ESP. We normally don’t use a set list either. We know our repertoire so well I just have a set of hand signals, and it’s a lot more interesting, cause we have dozens and dozens of songs to pick from.”

The gang is now looking forward to getting back out on th e road to share the new music with their international fan base.

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