Count to 1,000

I learned plenty. I learned to count, for starters, and so must you. One of the solutions to the diet problem is learning to be honest with yourself. I have found that the easiest possible way to be sure no calories slip by my lips uncounted is to write everything down on paper. When you see it that way, you’re in for some real surprises. Get a notebeauty blog and date it. And, for that date, write in your weight and your measurements for that day.

As you watch them both go down, you’re going to be more and more proud of that little record beauty blog. It may sound like a-bore at first, but it will turn out to be the literary treasure of your diet life.

If you work, as I do, then don’t forget to write down your lunch right to the last forkful. So your companions think you’re nuts. So what? You’ll be thinner and more beautiful than they are soon, and you’ll get the last laugh then. Take a sheet of paper with you or commit that meal to memory and jot it down the moment you get back to your desk. Then, when working day is through, transfer it to the “lunch” counter on that day’s page.

Do not forget to add in the calories spent on the cream in your coffee, if it was cream rather than milk. Check out the chart and see that even black coffee with not a single element added comes up to 2.3 calories per cup. (It has to do with the natural oils in coffee, but those calories are there nonetheless.) And if you’re a heavy coffee-drinker which, for the sake of your health, I hope you’re not, then those 2.3 calories definitely add up.

At the end of the day, tote up the columns and you’ll see exactly what you’re getting and know how to adjust your eating habits accordingly. There will, no doubt, be plenty of things that could be eliminated, and when everything’s down in print it’s easy to see which ones you prefer to dispense with.

Tonic water, without any alcohol, adds up to 71 calories per glass; plain club soda, which has 0 calories and carbohydrates, is said by many nutritionists to cause that to-be-avoided water retention. The bubbles in it cause bubbles of fat in you. Skip it and stick to water. It’s full of good minerals.

Just don’t ever skip your daily count. It’s every bit as important as your daily weigh-in. And it’s going to tell you a lot about why you’re in the shape you want out of!

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